Programming Languages

Ruby (and Rails), JavaScript (and jQuery), PHP, Java, Perl, and C/C++

Operating Systems and Software

Mac OS X, Linux (Debian and RedHat-based distributions), Windows (XP and 7), MySQL, Apache Cassandra, Apache, Nginx, Phusion Passenger, Subversion, and Git


(X)HTML and CSS (1,2, and 3)


Development Manager

Collaborative Software Initiative

Feb 2010 - Present

Lead a team of developers working on various challenges related to financial market data including:

  • Abstraction — a normalization layer to transform data from a variety of sources into a common format, allowing an application to seamlessly consume data from disparate sources.
  • Performance Testing — a collection of tools for capturing, storing, and replaying market data for stress and performance testing of market data consuming applications.
  • Feed Handlers — high throughput, low latency software to receive and distribute financial market data.

Senior Developer

Collaborative Software Initiative

Aug 2007 - Feb 2010

  • Developed a web applications that assists financial institutions in evaluating risk(s) associated with IT outsourcing.
  • Gathered requirements from customers and worked ensure that customers needs were met by our software.
  • Coordinated with other members of the organization on internal IT infrastructure projects.

Systems Programmer III

University of Pittsburgh

Apr 2001 - Oct 2007

Primary responsibilities consisted of web application development, administration of servers on which those applications were deployed, and development for and administration of the university's incident tracking system (based on BMC's Action Request System). Applications developed include:

  • An email processing tool that provides, among other things, templates for commonly encountered requests and integration with the university's incident tracking system.
  • A document management system providing document storage and retrieval, versioning, and tracking of document meta-data.
  • A project management tool facilitating weekly status reporting on projects in process and tracking of the status of action items resulting from project meetings.

In addition to the above responsibilities I also assisted the university's technology help desk and network operations center in resolving a variety of complex issues.


Sona Mobile Corporation

Jan - Jul, 2006

Development of a web-based (J2EE) application to administer the interaction between customer relationship management software and a mobile (J2ME) application to manage CRM data. This tool was designed to integrate with a variety of CRM systems and at launch was successfully integrated with SugarCRM.

The code for this application was also adapted to manage similar interactions between a mobile conference call management application and conference call systems provided by telecommunications companies.

Both applications were successfully deployed in the JBoss and Apache Tomcat application servers.


Computer Science

University of Pittsburgh

Aug 1997 - Apr 2001